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Mission Statement

As members of BYU EMS, we seek to serve every member of the BYU community by providing a rapid, safe response to 911 medical emergencies with timely professional care of the sick and injured. We also enhance the quality of living of our community by promoting wellness and safety. We aim to provide our volunteers with leadership and service opportunities which are character building, increase self-confidence, and which prepare them for future service in their family, community, and church. In fulfilling our mission, we incorporate the values of accountability, integrity, and Christ-centered leadership and service.

This Mission is Fulfilled by Emphasizing:

  • Quality training
  • Patient advocacy
  • Excellence in pre-hospital and out of hospital care
  • Collaboration with our colleagues in healthcare and emergency services
  • Community education

The Success of this Mission is Dependent Upon:

  • Committed leadership and membership
  • University and private investment
  • Continuous education and improvement
  • State of the art equipment

Our Promise

We commit our knowledge, skills, time, and resources to provide professional emergency medical services for the BYU community that exceeds the needs and expectations of those who require our assistance.