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Become an EMT

To be an EMT in Utah, you must complete a training course and then pass a written and practical exam. Training courses are usually about 150 hours of instruction time and 10 clinical hours.

Where are the training courses offered?

BYU offers a certification class for which students can receive BYU credit. Information on the class can be found at

The Bureau of EMS has a list of courses currently being offered. This list can be found at

You may also contact any of the following local companies. BYU EMS does not endorse or sponsor any of these courses. This list is provided for information purposes only.

Please note: BYU EMS does not endorse or recommend any one program. We provide this information for your convenience. It is up to you to compare courses and choose the one that's right for you.

National Registry and/or other state certification

If you are registered with the National Registry of EMTs or are certified in another state, Utah requires all EMTs to be Utah certified prior to working with an EMS agency. To get certified in Utah, you must go through a process called reciprocity. More details about reciprocity are available at the Utah Bureau of EMS website.